In addition to selling quality used parts, we also rebuild engines, transfer cases, transmissions, and axles in-house, and back our rebuilt components with a warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase.

You can purchase our rebuilt components over-the-counter for you or someone else to install. We no longer offer any installation services.
Refundable core deposits apply in addition to the sales price for rebuilt components. These deposits are fully refundable upon exchange of a like-unit core. Please see our "Core Deposits" page or feel free to get in touch for more information.
As of 2023 we are no longer taking orders from customers for rebuilt components. We have changed our operations to building components first, then putting them up for sale. Please reach out to see if we have what you need ready to go on our shelf.


2.5L, 4.0L, 4.2L, 5.2L, 4.7L V8, & 5.9L
                                                                                                                  Starting at $750                                                                                                                     

4.7L Stroker, Other Models, & Custom Engines
Contact us for details.




Inspected & Resealed $250 / $200 with exchange

Stock Rebuild $500

Stock Rebuild w/ Slip Yoke Eliminator $800

Upgraded Rebuild w/ Slip Yoke Eliminator $1100


Inspected & Resealed $300 / $250 with exchange

Stock Rebuild $600

Stock Rebuild w/ Slip Yoke Eliminator $1200

NP247 & NP249

Stock Rebuild $800

Other Models - Contact for Details


Manual Transmissions
                                                     AX15 & NV3550                                                 NSG370

                                                     $1200                                                                  $2500  


                                                             AX5                                                                     Other Models

                                                                     $1000                                                                  Contact for details
Automatic Transmissions
All rebuilt automatic transmissions come with a new torque converter.
                                  42RE - $1250                                                                         44RE - $1250        

                                              93-98 Grand Cherokee ZJ w/ 4.0L Engine                                                            96-98 Grand Cherokee ZJ w/ 5.2L Engine

                                              99-04 Grand Cherokee WJ w/ 4.0L Engine

                                  46RH - $1250                                                                         46RE - $1250

                                             93-95 Grand Cherokee ZJ w/ 5.2L Engine                                                             98 Grand Cherokee ZJ w/ 5.9L Engine

                                 TF999/32RH - Contact for $                                                   AW4

                                            87-95 Wrangler YJ w/ 4.2L or 4.0L Engine                                                             COMING SOON!

                                 45RFE / 545RFE                                                                    Other Models
                                           COMING SOON!                                                                                           Contact us for details


Dana 30, Dana 35, Dana 44, Dana 60, AMC 20, Chrysler 8.25, Ford 8.8

Other Axles - Contact us for Details

We do partial rebuilds such as new gears & bearings, re-gearing, lockers, etc., all the way up to full rebuilds. Since axle set ups and options vary greatly, please contact us for availability and prices.