About Us

Timbukthree 4WD & Automotive was established in Englewood, Colorado in 2011 to provide an affordable and trustworthy automotive repair option for all makes and models. As the business and customer base has evolved, so too has our vision for how we serve our customers. We are now a specialty custom shop focused on the niche markets of building, modifying, and upgrading Jeep & Toyota offroad rigs, and classic cars & trucks. We also leverage our experience and expertise to rebuild certain drivetrain components in-house, providing the ability to affordably keep your rig on the road for a long time. Our specialty is large projects, complex work, and attention to detail.

We also work to keep our overhead low so we don't have crazy mark ups or shop rates - we're confident we have some of the best prices on rebuilt drivetrain components in the country, the best value in our custom builds,and an extremely competitive shop labor rate. Whether you're looking to do some major wheeling, crawling, flexing, or overlanding in your rig, just keep a good oldervehicle on the road, or to indulge in some classic Americana nostalgia, we've got you covered!

Timbukthree is veteran- and family-owned and run.

Interested in learning a bit more about Timbukthree and how we got started? Check out this interview we did with Colorado News TV in June 2017 for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the work we do! 

Our Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Quality, Expertise, and the Pride of a good night's sleep that comes with a hard, honest day's work serving our customers.

About the Owners

Neal Olson is Timbukthree 4WD's Founder and Master Mechanic. He has an all-around wealth of automotive knowledge. An ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician, he is a graduate of WyoTech in the Automotive Technology program with an emphasis in Chassis Fabrication and High Performance Engines, and has worked for many brands including: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda. He has also worked for several independent shops, and was a mechanic in the US Army from 1999 to 2005, which included 2 consecutive combat tours in Iraq. He is originally from Shawano, Wisconsin, where his family has operated a Chrysler dealership, Shawano Auto Sales, since 1957. He has been in the automotive industry his entire life, and got his start sweeping floors and cleaning bathrooms in the family business as a young boy. He moved to Denver after graduating from WyoTech in 2006. The first automobile he ever owned was a sweet 1983 Chrysler LeBaron with red velour interior and a blown head gasket. He fixed up the engine to get it running in what would turn out to be the first engine repair in a long line yet to come!

Neal's wife, Becky, is Timbukthree's President and General Manager. She has worked in several industries including Financial Services, Public Accounting, & Cannabis, and has a Master's degree in Business and Accounting from CU-Boulder. Becky is a Colorado native who grew up in Littleton and attended Columbine High School. Her father, who has climbed all 58 of Colorado's 14-er peaks, has a true passion for nature and the great outdoors. One of the family's favorite recreational activities during Becky's childhood and adolescence was wheeling in the Rocky Mountains. She has very fond memories of exploring all kinds of terrain, ghost towns, and passes throughout Colorado in the family's old Toyota Land Cruisers and 4Runners. The most terrifying (but also thrilling) experience was spotting for her dad when she was about 12 years old as he wheeled a 1996 4Runner down Black Bear Pass into Telluride! Her first automobile was that very same 1996 4Runner, and after mastering the manual transmission at age 15, she's been hooked ever since!

Neal and Becky share a love affair with the past, whether it's cars, music, clothing - they enjoy a nostalgia for eras prior to when either actually lived, but somehow feel inextricably connected to nevertheless. They met in 2008, and have lived happily in the middle of nowhere in Westcliffe since 2018.

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